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Some of the services we currently offer in the civil and infrastructure area include;

-    Sewer main installation, extension and repair.
-    Sewer manhole and maintenance shaft construction and repairs.
-    Sewer main encasement.
-    Sewer pump station installation and repairs.
-    Water main installation, extension and repair.
-    Storm water drainage of all sizes including pit building, kerb entries, main connections and retention / detention structures.
-    Gas reticulation for sub division and development.
-    Conduit and pit construction for other services.
-    Rain water re-use infrastructure.
-    PRESSURE SEWER INSTALLATIONS- We specialize in pressure sewer construction and have a broad range of experience with both e-one and aquatec systems.

As a company we are committed to continual improvement in this area through training of staff, adopting and developing innovative and economical solutions, and accumulation of the best available plant and equipment.

Civil and Infrastructure

Construction Plumbing